About Us

Knox Paranormal Researchers traces its roots to early 2014. Though its members hail from different parts of East Tennessee, Knoxville has often been the meeting hub of the crew for the past several years, so it seemed fitting to pay homage to that in the formation of the group’s name.

The group is comprised of three long-time friends: Justin West, Ryan Cox, and Jonathan Brown. The three met in high school, and eventually it came about that they shared a keen interest in all things paranormal, including a range of subjects ranging from big-foot to UFO’s, spirits, and demonic possessions. While the group’s current investigative focus is on connecting with the spiritual realm and capturing evidence of ghosts and hauntings, the intent is to ultimately be a source of the advancement of knowledge on all things paranormal. The group takes a very serious approach on all investigations, seeking to debunk potential evidence as thoroughly as possible before labeling it as outright paranormal activity.

The group has toured the grounds of the old Lakeshore Asylum, thoroughly investigated Knoxville’s historic Baker-Peter’s House, and tested out several theories involving the Sensabaugh Tunnel in Kingsport.

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