Member Profiles

Justin West – Lead Investigator

  • IMG_0742 (2)Justin reflects on his first paranormal experience: “My first ever unexplained paranormal experience, I was around 15 years old and had just came home from school. My uncle was in the bathroom washing his hands and when my cousin and I opened the front door and walked in the living room, he looked surprised and asked us if we just got home and we replied with a ‘yes.’ He then went into the bedroom where my mother was and started asking if anyone else was in the house and there wasn’t. At the time, it was just her and him; we were still on our way home. He then said he heard kids playing in the living room, one of them looked to be wearing a white dress and he heard what sounded like laughing. Just moments before we walked in, he was in the back room and could see kids running around through the mirror. I was shocked and curious to hear this, and later I invited a couple of friends over. We had a camera and went to the basement that was remodeled to be a livable area. We started asking questions and didn’t get any answers or any sort of unexplainable noises. About an hour later we started taking pictures and when I went to review one of the several pictures we saw some sort of figure picking around the bottom of the steps. The thing is, it looked like this figure was in a white dress. At that age, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. We then started asking more questions. There was a phone next to the bed and it randomly slammed down and made the beeping noise cordless phones would make when set down to charge on the dock. We all were surprised, so we turned on the light to see what could have happened but that’s it; we could not explain what just took place that night right in front of our eyes. This is what fueled my pursuit into the unknown and the unexplainable: to find out the answers no one knows. I have a passion for mysteries like this and I need solid evidence to help bring the paranormal to light.”
  • Justin has two favorite paranormal TV shows: Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures. “Paranormal State is in a league of its own and I always loved the way they did each investigation and if you haven’t watched the show, you have to check it out! Ghost Adventures is such an amazing show because they don’t just believe everything is evidence and that something that I love. I will always be a skeptic until I can prove otherwise. They also have such a solid investigation team and this is needed. I definitely recommend watching both of these shows.
  • “I think the most important thing in an investigation is just to use common sense. People have the tendency to get irrational if they get scared.”

Ryan Cox – Researcher

  • In preparation for all of our investigations, Ryan thoroughly searches for any and all information pertaining to the history of the location, including previously recorded incidents of paranormal activity and devastating events that may have occurred there that could potentially be causing a haunting presence.
  • Ryan recalls on the first event that got him interested in the paranormal: “Justin had told me before that his house was haunted. Several people in there had seen a small girl in a mirror down the hallway, only to turn around and nobody be standing down there. I can’t remember who all was there when the phone thing happened, but we were all sitting in the basement on the couch when all of the sudden we heard the cordless phone beep like it does when it’s picked up from the receiver. When we looked over, the red light that is normally on when the phone is docked was off, then we heard it drop back on the dock and the red light came back on. It freaked us all out.”
  • Ryan’s favorite paranormal TV show is Ghost Adventures.
  • Ryan’s favorite piece of equipment to use on investigations is the SB7 Spirit Box. “When we used the SB7 during our investigation of the Baker-Peters House, we got some amazing intelligent responses. Since then, I’ve just been kinda fascinated with the device’s potential.”

Jonathan Brown – Audio/Visual Tech


  • Jonathan edits the videos that make it to our YouTube channel, and provides background music and narration. The maintenance of the website and YouTube channel are also handled by him.
  • Jonathan recalls on his first paranormal experience: “To be quite honest, I still don’t fully comprehend what I saw that day… Justin, Ryan, and I, along with a few of our other friends from high school, were walking around the lake at night and noticed a strange red light out on a small island in the middle of the lake. At that time of year, the water had receded enough to where we could actually walk out to the island, and even though it probably wasn’t the smartest decision, we did. As we approached the woods, the red light faded away into the darkness. There was nobody else on that small island, and we never found any kind of explanation for it.”
  • Jonathan’s favorite paranormal TV show is Ghost Adventures. “I think it shows in how our videos are presented; I really love the early episodes of Ghost Adventures that delve into the history of the place just concisely enough to tell you what you need to know about the history that they’re trying to connect with at a location, and then jump into the footage of the actual investigation. Then, when evidence is presented, give ample opportunity for viewers to make their own decisions on it before weighing in with personal speculation. That’s what I try to convey with my editing, anyway.”
  • Jonathan’s favorite piece of equipment is an infrared camera. “My biggest goal every time we go on an investigation is to capture visual evidence. I think that’s every paranormal investigators dream, just because it’s so elusive.”

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