Thanks for checking out the new site!

Spring is on the way, and with more free time upcoming for all of us here in the KPR crew, we’re now able to start looking at arranging some new investigations.

We literally just launched this site to document all of our past investigations and keep you all updated on what is to come. We’re also planning on including some useful things for fellow investigators such as equipment reviews, location spotlights and historical viewpoints, and a wealth of news and discussions on all things paranormal.

We’re excited to have this site finally up and running, and it’s only going to get better from here! Check back soon for an update on where we’re heading next!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for checking out the new site!

  1. You have investigated the vet clinic that I work at and there Continues to be doors opening and closing on their own, growls, wet footprints On the scale When we come in in the Morning although no animals Are inside, and the sounds of someone Walking upstairs from the basement. recently there is an awful Smell That comes and goes around the stairwell And room 3. Please let me know if further investigation Is possible for I am not alone believing there is anything “playful” About the “presence” here. Other staff are quitting because of recent unexplained activity And staff Of over 10 years have gone to See a priest for Protection. Contact me as soon As u Can please. Thank you.


  2. Natasha,

    Sorry for the delayed response. The activity that we encountered did seem to be playful but that doesn’t mean that their isn’t another presence there. It may have very well been hiding while we where there. If your boss and the rest of the staff would like, we would love to come back and investigate the clinic again, to see if we can figure out what is really going on. Once again sorry for the delayed response, we look forward to hearing from you.


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